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Let Infinuvo Hovo® Robot Vacuums free up your time. Metapo, headquartered in Silicon Valley, California, distributes Infinuvo brand robotic vacuum cleaner products since 2005. Metapo is dedicated to making life easier and more enjoyable through smart home technology. Metapo offer many household cleaning products to help you keep your house clean with little effort and save your time. Infinuvo Hovo Robot Vacuums are intelligent, automatic all-in-one cleaners that sweep, vacuum, mopping and sanitize. Each unit is equipped with a unique on-board UV light, which helps kill bacteria, germs and allergens on the floor. The strong vacuuming motor can pick up almost everything, from fine dust, pet hair and dirt to large debris. We provide technical support and warranty services to our products in U.S.A. market.

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USA Headquarter:

2380 Qume Drive, Suite D
San Jose, CA 95131

e-mail inquiry to: qq@metapo.com

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